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My name is Kayte and I moved from Maine to Boston in September of 2012. Prior to that, I was living in Gettysburg, PA and attending Gettysburg College as an English Major with a concentration in Studio Art. While at Gettysburg, I was also a member of Chi Omega, Varsity Swimming (4 years), Upscale Acapella, and B.O.M.B. Squad Dance Group. I like to stay busy. 

I started blogging during my junior year of college but it was sporadic and nothing noteworthy. It was not until I graduated and had more free time and excess creative energy that I really put more effort into my blogging. Thus, mass.musings was born. Originally I hosted mass.musings on Tumblr because I love the sense of community. However, I recently changed to blogger because, for what I'm aiming to do, it made more sense and was a better fit for my content. 

I am literally addicted to J.Crew- don't expect me to walk out of a store empty handed, it's literally impossible for me. I also love note cards. I think that there is something to be said for a well-written, hand-written note.

When I grow up I want to be Beyonce. Or Jenna Lyons... either would be cool with me. 


P.S. I like to make faces. A lot. 


- Skydive
- Travel to Spain
- Travel to Greece
- Tour Europe with Drew
- Double my blog followers
- Inspire someone to try something new *finished! inspired a friend to start her own blog! 4/24/14
- Have my apartment featured on a major blog or online magazine
- Buy a new computer
- Actually purge my closet of all items that I no longer wear *finished! 3 bags of clothes and a bag of shoes later 1/25/14
- Host a blogger event
- Send out Christmas cards
- Attend NYFW
- Host a family dinner or holiday at my apartment 
- Learn at least 6 more recipes and cook them often
- Learn to surf
- Get my second tattoo  *finished! got "justify your thesis" on my left elbow/ arm 2/22/14
- Attend the Boston Ballet
- Go to a Bruins game   *finished! Bruins vs. Wild 3/17/14
- Be photographed by HONY
- Have a tea party
- Learn to ski
- Swim/ compete in an alumni swim meet
- Buy a tent from L.L. Bean
- Adopt a puppy/dog
- Run four 5k's
- Go to four more Lucky FABB conferences
- Learn how to paddle board
- Re-learn how to skipper a sailboat
- Turn massmusings into a fully-functioning online magazine
- Open a boutique in Cambridge, MA
- Meet Passion Pit
- Attend Ridiculousness either as a special guest or in the audience
- Be recognized by someone on the street  *finished! was spotted in Maine on Easter Sunday! 4/20/14

- Add more to this list :)