Eight years ago, the American Dubstep Ambassador Joe Nice and the homie Dave Q coordinated with the UK heavyweights to bring a new element to the New York club scene: Dub War. Its impact on the growth of bass music in the US has been tremendous.

Nowadays, the bassweight has the Big Apple pinned down. This past weekend bass music fans from all corners of the world gathered in Brooklyn to celebrate Reconstrvct XIV: Our Second Anniversary. For the past two years, Reconstrvct mastermind Luke has worked with Joe Nice (Sub.fm, Dataset) and Fourth Temple prophet True Nature to organize top quality productions featuring the most talented minds in international bass music. Reconstrvct sits at the helm of the North American bass culture and its success has inspired a serious boom in sub frequencies in Brooklyn. Thanks to the continued efforts of a dedicated community, New York is now home to multiple other events committed to providing proper sub frequencies: Fourth Temple, Sub:verse, Descent and Epicenter.

The proliferation of deep dubstep and other forms of bass music is not a phenomenon isolated to New York. Its influence has spread far beyond the Five Boroughs to include communities in multiple major cities in the Northeast. Cooperation has been instrumental in the building of a tight network in the American Northeast. Boston heads have been getting their share at Bassic since 2007. Deep Sessions DC started to rep the Bass Party in our nation’s capital in the spring of 2012. More recently, Philadelphians have joined the growing community with their own event, Native Frequencies. Back in May, Joe Nice came to Philly to share the decks with Native Frequencies resident DJs Werm, L.T. Smash and Kellen303. Needless to say, we’ve been been itching for more.

On Friday August 2nd, Native Frequencies will host its second event, at the balcony of the Trocadero (1003 Arch Street). The night will start off with sets from Werm, Lt. Smash and Kellen303. Selector Moldy (Bassic, TUBA) and low-end architect EshOne (Elkbeats, Dataset) will be coming in for the weekend to join the party. Moldy has been holding down the fort in Boston at Bassic for the past six years and continues to put out mind-bending DJ sets that truly push the limits of bass music. His original productions are always top notch and have received international praise. EshOne, a jack-of-all-trades, plays what he wants, when he wants and never fails to get the crowd moving. A master with the mixer, he will be bringing an array of top-secret dubs. Expect the unexpected. The party starts at 9:00PM and will go until the Trocadero closes at 2:00AM. Philly is really in for a treat. Tickets will be sold at the door ($10) but advance tickets ($7) are available now on Ticketfly.(http://www.ticketfly.com/event/322609).

Native Frequencies will also be participating in the Tsunami Bass Experience Multiversity’s EPICENTER:03: Wave Particle Duality, a community event intended to educate, facilitate and celebrate their mission of providing the finest in bass culture appreciation. This will be an all-American bass party, featuring low-end representation from New York, Philadelphia, Boston and California.  On Saturday August 10th Moldy, EshOne, True NatureTsunami Bass, Werm, Lt. Smash & Kellen303 and host MC Zulu will take command of the Tsunami Bass Sound System at the House of Yes in Brooklyn. Come check out the inside of the interactive TBE~WaVe~LABoratory, which features a body-sonic dance floor for maximum bass along with interactive visual immersion by Cinemoeba. Forth Temple's COH and Matt Phillips will also be crafting live art during the festivities. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate the sub with Tsunami and friends for their last event at the current House of Yes (342 Maujer Street). All proceeds from this event will be used expressly for the establishment of the TBE Multiversity of Bass Culture Appreciation.

Seriously though, subs are bumping all over the American Northeast. There has been an onslaught of top tier events recently and the foundations have been laid for some very exciting developments in the future.

Get stoked. Big tings a comin’.

Written by Andrew Tobin

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