This past weekend I ventured back to my home town, Cumberland, Maine, for the Cumberland Fair. "Always the last week in September," the fair brings people from around the state together to enjoy barn yard animals, 4H projects, harness racing, and of course some good old Carnival rides. My great uncle Don is actually one of the most recognized harness racers in Maine, so it is always a treat to see his barns and witness him and his friends competing on the track. Not bad for a man in his early 80s if you ask me!

This is my new Alpaca friend

 So happy to be back in Maine :)
 I hate heights... I don't know why I keep going on this thing.
 How cute are these piggies?!

 Double Yum!

Harness racing!

 Stacks of "old time" photos of different towns in Maine.
 Friends of the family advertised their apple orchard at the fair.
Intricate details of a crafter in the exhibition hall. 

Overall it was incredible to be back at my old stomping grounds. It really is special to be able to come home and appreciate all of the things that are no longer right at your finger tips. I also love fairs and craft shows so this weekend was perfect! 


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