On Friday, September 27th, I attended the Le Défilé fashion show to kick off Boston Fashion Week. Le Défilé presented the French inspired work of Boston's up and coming fashion designers and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  I have to admit, when I first arrived I was not sure what to expect as I had never attended such a high profile student show before. However, I was blown away by the meticulous details, craftsmanship, and sheer passion that was poured into these pieces. I was lucky enough to be sitting front row and therefore had the opportunity to really zero in on the details that may not have been noticed from farther away. 

The night began with socializing and light hors d'oeuvres followed by a short introduction of the designers and their inspiration. Once the show started, the models walked to up-beat music and paused at the end of the runway for further description about the looks that they were wearing. The hair and makeup for the models was perfect and unique, something that I appreciated as I think that the entire composition of the model really adds to the aesthetic of the show.

Guests beginning to gather at the start of the show
Loved this girl's look. She seemed so effortless and put together!
The runway spanned three rooms- this was the middle room.

Loved this dress and the rich, red fabric that was used. It fits her body beautifully and I could definitely see a celebrity wearing something like this on the red carpet.
In my opinion, feathers always add a little oomph to an outfit, don't you think?
In this case, they created an innovative visual resting point for the eyes before continuing down the rest of the look.
How cool is this piece?

Chanel inspired active wear.

Please just take a moment to really appreciate the detailing in this leather bodice. How incredible is it? I'm absolutely in love and want something like this to wear!

Another look that I would wear right off of the runway. It's definitely a bit low-cut, but for the right occasion, I think it's flattering and tasteful.
Just look at the detail! The juxtaposition between the structured leather and softer textured skirt is eye-catching yet elegant. This piece was one of my favorites!
This look kind of reminded me of a J.Crew phone case that I once had... I know that's a weird comment but clearly if I liked the color blocking combination enough to see on my phone everyday, I think I could rock this dress and like it.

I would absolutely wear this right off the runway.

The feathers again! This look is absolutely stunning. Watching her walk down the runway in this made it truly come to life and the dress was literally glowing.

I love the contrast between the overlay and the simple blue.

The creativity in this dress caught my attention first. I then noticed the details in the flowers. To me, the top almost looks like the stems of the flowers which created great visual interest.

Sometimes simple details make the biggest statements.

Last look, what a show stopper. The entire aesthetic of this dress is perfect.

Fashion Event Production for Le Défilé was by Kathy Benharris and the models had their hair and make-up done by French designers from the Camille Albane Salon. It was only fitting that this French-inspired show was held at The French Cultural Center.

The entire show was a definite success and I would like to extend my congratulations to all of the designers involved. What a great way to show off your hard work and contribute to the Boston fashion scene. Well done!

Participating Schools:
School of Fashion Design
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Lasell College
Mount Ida College
Fisher College
Bay State College


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