Hi everyone! Today I did a guest post for A Daily Dose of Vitamin D! I was featured discussing versatile holiday attire for the upcoming weeks! Thanks to Dariel and I hope you enjoy it :) With the holidays quickly approaching I've gotten many questions regarding proper attire for such events. Have no fear, I'm here with outfits that you can use for multiple occasions! 

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I know that Thanksgiving is falling right around High School Reunion time. You want to look nice and presentable for your family, but of course you need to look like a million bucks for all of those people you haven't (or have...) seen in years. These two outfits examples are perfect for either occasion. Both ensembles include leather which immediately dresses up an outfit. I love the subtle edginess of leather but I also love that it can look ultra feminine when paired with softer fabrics. The Madewell peplum shit with those emerald pants are to die for! I chose to go with pants because I'm from Maine, and it's wicked cold up there. While you could most definitely decide to wear black tights and a festive skirt, I think pants are best as they are easy to transition from day tonight, and can be more easily dressed down after a family party. 

While these outfits are just examples of what you could wear, I have created some guidelines for your holiday planning:

 1) Leather is always a great choice. 
2) Try to incorporate red and green in a non-cheesy way. It's easiest to do this by choosing a pattern or unique jewelry. 
3) The shoes make it! Go for something flirty and heeled: heels are appropriate for both a family party and a get together of friends.
 4)Timeless jewelry adds just the right amount of sparkle 
5) Make sure you have a solid clutch or bag that's big enough to hold all of your essentials. Not fun getting caught in inclement weather without gloves and chap-stick!

 I hope you have enjoyed my post and I would love to see your pictures on instagram of your holiday outfits! I'll be following the hashtag #massmusings all winter, so make sure you capture your creative brilliance! Thanks again Dariel and Happy Holidays!

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