My relationship with makeup started at a very young age. I’m not talking about getting into your mother’s makeup bag and turning your delicate baby skin into something Picasso would be proud of (although I’m certainly guilty of that too). I’m talking about stage makeup. I started dancing at age 2 and by 3 I was in my first series of shows and recitals. Perhaps this is when my love affair with cosmetics began. I remember sitting patiently, waiting for my mom to find the bright red lipstick that all of us reindeer were required to wear for The Nutcracker. I also remember thinking I was too cool for school in my big girl makeup. 

Fast forward to middle school when the world of drugstore cosmetics was at my fingertips. It was then that mascara became my most prized possession. I wore it everywhere. Piled on so that my eyelashes looked like sticky spider legs, my mascara could not be too dark or too thick. Luckily, once high school hit I started to calm down a little bit with the clown face. It was at this time that I discovered water-proof mascara. Perfect for afternoon swim practices and much less clumpy than normal mascara, water-proof was the answer to my prayers. To this day I still swear by it! 

waterproof mascara

If you’re looking to make the switch to waterproof mascara, I highly recommend the tarte lights, camera, splashes 4-in-1 waterproof mascara. For only $19 you are getting a high quality product without the hefty price tag.  The shape of the brush allows for full coverage with less of the standard clumping. Pair this with a dusting of tarte’s power couple Amazonian clay blush & bronzer duo and you’ve got yourself a simple, finished every day look in minutes. Want something a little more glamorous and summer-ready? No problem! Tarte’s airblush maracuja blush is the perfect companion to finish out your nighttime regime.

Head on over to tarte’s website to shop the latest and best products! They’re more than just mascara and blush;  I think you’ll find that tarte cosmetics is your new go-to favorite cosmetics brand.  I’d love to know what you think, so make sure to post your comments in section below. 

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  1. I am always looking for the next great mascara - this will definitely be purchased next! Thanks for the great review Kayte xo