The first blog post I ever wrote was about a beauty product. I love sharing my new finds with people and was realizing the other day that I haven't done a beauty post in a wicked (yeah, I said it) long time! So, here we go:

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TRESemme Fresh Start, Volumizing Dry Shampoo- I absolutely love this stuff. I've tried other brands and just haven't gotten the same results. The only word of caution I give you is: make sure you comb it through your hair or else you will see traces of white residue. Also, it definitely has a more pungent smell than others I've used but if that doesn't bother you, I highly recommend trying it.

Living Proof- P.H.D. Styling Cream- If you haven't been told about my obsession with Living Proof, let me enlighten you: I adore it. About two years ago, while I was looking for jobs before moving to Boston, I responded to a Craigslist ad for hair testers. Little did I know it was for Living Proof! Recently I was able to be a hair model for their educational class at the Mitchell John Salon on Broad St. My reward for letting professionals practice on my hair was a ridiculous box FULL of Living Proof products *swoon*! Anyways, meet P.H.D. (Perfect Hair Day) - really any product from the P.H.D. line is fantastic but this one is quick, easy and actually delivers. Since using it my hair has been easier to manage, shiny, and noticeably healthier.

Nivea Creme- Back in high school I had a foreign exchange student from Austria. One day, while snooping around her room (I mean hello! She was so cool I wanted to know everything about her) I found a series of Nivea containers. Obviously I had to try all of them and I instantly fell in love with this cream. It's heavier than what you would expect, so I only use it at night, but it works. I would recommend using a small dab and fully rubbing it into freshly washed skin. You may feel like your pores are being clogged at first, but I assure you they're not (however you may feel a little oilier than usual).

Revlon Colorburst Mattebalm- This stuff, THIS STUFF! I'm a huge lipstick fan. My biggest complaint though is that I always need to reapply to achieve the pigment of color I want. To be honest, I bought this stick on a whim at a CVS near North Station. Let me tell you, I'm so hooked. It doesn't smudge. It's a pencil so you get the control, but the consistency is soft enough that it's easy to blend.

First Aid Beauty, Eye Duty Triple Remedy- My friend Jess works for this company and gave a group of us this to try. Well it's amazing. The metal tip fights puffiness under my eyes and the concealer moisturizes and is light enough that it blends perfectly. I haven't used my actual concealer since I started using Eye Duty. Very highly recommended.

Find these products at ULTA Beauty or Sephora!

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  1. I haven't tried any Living Proof Products, but I'm always so intrigued when I see them in Sephora!! I have that dry shampoo and love it!

    1. Definitely try them out! They sell the travel bottles in line at Sephora - maybe a good way to test it out before fully committing? xoxo

  2. Great products Kayte! And I am such a Living proof fan myself.. I am literally their neighbor and am so happy/proud to support and use something local! Their products actually do what they claim to do!

    1. I know right?? Love it when companies actually follow through :)