baseball shirts

Can I just say how happy I am that baseball shirts are back in style? For me they never left, but I'm happy to see that retailers are reinventing the classic baseball tee and giving me so many more options now! Gone are the days of the plain, primary colored tee. Now there are sweaters, pullovers, and wild colors and patterns to satisfy any style sense. 

The Splurge is J.Crew's Merino baseball sweater in Scallop Intarsia. For $90, it's a bit expensive, but I absolutely love the detailing on the sleeve and appreciate that you can easily dress it up or down. 

The Save is the American Apparel (through ASOS) Neon Baseball Tee. The neon blue color is bright enough to make a statement, but not so overwhelming that you will detract from the rest of your outfit. For $45 I would say it's a good investment to take you all the way through next fall!

The Steal is the Forever 21 Striped Baseball Tee. Adding a stripe to the classic red baseball tee was a solid idea so kudos to the design department at Forever 21. I think it would add some extra visual interest and depth to any outfit you pair it with. Definitely worth the $10 to add it to your closet! 


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