The next room in the 195 Webster series is the kitchen! I'll admit, not as much design and decoration went into the kitchen but it is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house (I love to eat, duh.). Our apartment has a very open concept in the living space and our kitchen is located in it's own room off of the dining room. Below are pictures of the entire kitchen - I've added little tidbits about where I got certain things from as well, enjoy!

I love these simple dish cloths from Ikea. They cost about $1 each and they are perfect for wiping up messes or napkins at the dinner table. They are also super durable and very easy to wash (just throw them in the washing machine).

One thing that I'm investing in for the new year is more magnets! I love having pictures and clippings posted on the fridge but unfortunately I don't have enough magnates to display them all right now.

The view from the kitchen into the dining room. You may recognize this table from this post.

One thing that has kind of been a running joke for us has been the saying "I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later." It was once featured on a shirt that Drew's frat made and ever since we have joked about mustaches. I insited that Drew buy this clock from Target when he moved into his first studio about a year and a half ago and it has followed us ever since. Now it has a home in our kitchen on Webster St. 

I love the glass panes in this cabinet. It makes for the perfect display of our wine glasses and funky ceramic pieces. 

This may be my favorite kitchen find to date. I fell in love with similar ceramic jars at Anthropologie months ago and when I found these hacks at TJMaxx I absolutely had to buy them. Right now they are just sitting on my kitchen window sill but I know I will eventually find the perfect use for them. 

That's it! I hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen and keep coming back for more 195 Webster posts. Until then, Merry Christmas and good luck with last minute shopping! 

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