To start off the 195 Webster series, I'd like to start small so that I can give some background as to how we found the apartment, etc.

 Drew (my boyfriend) and I initially moved into this spacious, 2 bed, 2 bath apartment with our former roommate Nick. Located in East Boston, our apartment has a stunning view of the harbor as well as the Boston skyline. For the three of us, it could not have been more perfect. Far enough away from the city that we felt relaxed after a long day of work, but close enough that we could easily access the shops, restaurants and attractions that Boston has to offer. 

When Nick decided to take an exciting job opportunity in San Francisco, we were a little worried about finding a new roommate that would fit our lifestyle, and someone that would want to be friends with us! Thankfully, Liz reached out to us about the vacant room and we all now live together in this space that has truly become home. 

I'm starting the tour with the reading nook because it is one of my favorite places in the house. Although it is just a corner of our living room, it has a view of both the TV and the skyline, making it perfect for reading, working from home, or socializing with others who are sitting a few feet away on the couch. 

The chair is from L.L. Bean and the poster and lamp were also acquired from family members. Below is our spectacular view of the city. You really can't beat it and it's even more beautiful in person. 

Stay tuned for more of the 195 Webster series and I can't wait to continue to showcase the inside of my apartment! Thanks for reading :)

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