Today, instead of doing a new SSS, I am going to give you all a little recap of Christmas at the Demont household in Maine. Every year after mass we spend Christmas Eve at my paternal grandmother's house and enjoy a meal and gift giving. On Christmas Day, we open gifts among the three of us (now four - Hi Drew!) Below are the pictures I took in attempts to capture the essence of my house at Christmas.

This is the main tree in our formal living room. It's the most traditional and probably my favorite. The tree skirt was made by my mom when I was a baby and she also created matching stockings to go along with it.

Seriously, my mother is a decorating superhero. She thinks of every detail!

The second of the trees featured on this post (in total there are 5). This is my mom's bird tree. My aunt also has a bird tree and I'll most likely continue the tradition when I get a house of my own. 

Formal dining room table centerpiece. 

Family china and silver that will someday be mine! Also, how cute are those wish ornaments that doubled as party favors?

This is arguably my favorite piece in our entire house. My parents purchased this chandelier in Venice, Italy. It's hand-blown Venetian glass and has to be installed piece by piece to ensure the proper weight balance.

The third tree is a bit more contemporary and has brighter colors and more abstract ornaments. It's located in the kitchen and has great light to accentuate the colors. 

This ornament is the family favorite. Each year when I was younger, we would always have a contest to see who could unwrap the "jingle girl" first. Looking back on it, I don't think that there was any prize or good luck associated with finding the ornament but it was fun so who really cares?

As I mentioned earlier, my mom made stockings that match the tree skirt. This is my stocking (my family calls me Katie)!

Our beautiful tree angel!

The full fireplace shot. 

By this point, dinner was ready and I clearly was already in line for the delicious food... not sorry about it. 

Thanks for reading about the Demont family Christmas! I would love to hear any similar or unique traditions that you have with your families for the Holidays! Look out for a special Holiday Edition OOTD coming up soon on the blog!

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