When I was younger, I had aspirations of being a makeup artist. It didn't matter if my clients were going to be celebrities or Cirque du Soleil, I was obsessed with the idea of enhancing and transforming the physical look of a face in an artistic manner. Now that I'm older, I have different goals but I would be lying if I said I wasn't still enamored with cosmetics.

Fast forward to the present and you'll find that I am constantly on the lookout for new products that will not only make me look better, but that will also cut time in my morning routine. From this quest for easy primping, I stumbled across Benefit cosmetics and let me tell you, they're great. Below are my reviews for my three newest products.

Watt's Up! Not only is the name an adorable play on words, but this highlighting product is one of the best I've used. I typically never buy a specific item if I know I can use something else to do the same thing (i.e. in this case you could just use a light colored eye shadow) but after obtaining this free sample at Sephora, I'm totally hooked. It glides on easily and can be used to highlight under the brow bone, as well as cheekbones and anywhere else you can think of. The light shimmer really makes it luminous, but not in an 8th grade school dance sort of way.

They're Real! Anyone who knows me is aware of my serious mascara addiction. I have way too many tubes and like to mix and match until every lash is completely coated in black. It's a borderline problem. This wand allows me to use less mascara while achieving the fullness that I want. Great coverage, super full lashes. I'll call it a win.

Most Essential Nudes These nude shades are absolutely perfect for creating a day time eye with perfect definition. There are even instructions on the top manual for flawless application. I also take it into night by pumping up the eyeliner and adding a little more of the darker shades for a smokey eye. All in all, super impressed with this product.

So there you have it: Benefit is absolutely killing it with their makeup. They're easy to apply, not too time consuming, and they look phenomenal. I'm in love and I hope you will all go try at least one of their products. Don't forget to tell me what you think! (

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