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I realize that festival season is almost over, but I wanted to hold on to the fleeting idea of summer and that "hippie vibe" that makes me so happy. What I noticed about fashion at Electric Forest and Camp Bisco was that essentially anything goes. However, there are a few staples that I absolutely plan on cycling into my wardrobe.

The first of these is the long cotton skirt. I love the movement that comes with a piece like this. It is absolutely perfect for dancing your butt off or just wandering around the festival on a personal adventure. It also has a casual cool vibe that is bound to be noticed by the festival novice or a more seasoned vet.

I also noticed that lace was a huge trend, especially in the form of crop tops. It's a little reminiscent of Woodstock and the 60s but hey, who doesn't love a good tribute. I certainly do! And of course you can't forget about anything neon or bright and tight. Spandex is always a hit and you can never go wrong in a cool leotard with jean shorts (For example, the first day of EF I wore an American flag leotard with rolled jean shorts and it was the best thing ever).

All of these trends can be incorporated into your wardrobe easily! As long as you pair them with the right pieces and use your creativity, you'll be festie-chic in the real world in no time! xoxo

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