Today I'm so excited to be posting about Brilliant Earth for their Pinterest Personality Style Challenge! Brilliant Earth is a great company that focuses on ethically sourced diamonds which I fully support. In this styling session, I based my look off of their elegant, minimalist accessories because I think that they fit best with my own personal style.
For this casual look, I chose to focus on minimal jewelry and accessories so that their small details would not be overpowered by a look full of huge prints and patterns. I love to complete a silk top with a long, light cardigan and I think that these purple and cream colors are great compliments. Their warmth also translates well when paired with gold. Thus, I chose to showcase Brilliant Earth's gold moon stud earrings. These also match the beautiful diamond studded ring. 

Finishing off the look was easy because of the great accessories: I chose a dark wash denim and black flats with a gold toe embellishment. I would definitely wear this to my new job, out to drinks with friends or on a weekend running errands. It's versatile and comfortable which, for my style, are two key factors. 

Thank you Brilliant Earth and I hope you all like this look! Make sure to check out their Pinterest page and browse their great selection of jewelry.

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