First of all, I need to say Thank You! Thank you to all of my followers, my fellow bloggers, my friends, and my family for making 2013 such a great year for me. I successfully moved to Boston, completed one year at my first job and then got a new one (I start this Wednesday!), celebrated some mile-stone anniversaries and moved into a fabulous new apartment in East Boston. I also was so fortunate to learn more about the blogging world and grow massmusings exponentially. Without the support and love of everyone around me (that's all of you too!) most of these things would not have been possible. So, again, I say thank you. Thank You!

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To kick off 2014, I have decided to make "The List." The List, as many other bloggers have called it, is a compilation of things that I want to accomplish in a certain period of time. I'm going to give myself 4 years to finish everything on the list. My reasoning for 4 years is that I want to make sure that I allow myself enough to time to actually complete all of the items. There's nothing worse than running out of time, especially in regards to something like this. So here it goes! 

- Skydive
- Travel to Spain
- Travel to Greece
- Tour Europe with Drew
- Double my blog followers
- Inspire someone to try something new
- Have my apartment featured on a major blog or online magazine
- Buy a new computer
- Actually purge my closet of all items that I no longer wear
- Host a blogger event
- Send out Christmas cards
- Host a family dinner or holiday at my apartment 
- Learn at least 6 more recipes and cook them often
- Learn to surf
- Attend the Boston Ballet
- Go to a Bruins game
- Be photographed by HONY
- Have a tea party
- Get my second tattoo
- Go hiking
- Learn to ski
- Swim/ compete in an alumni swim meet
- Buy a tent from L.L. Bean
- Adopt a puppy/dog
- Run four 5k's
- Go to four more Lucky FABB conferences 
- Add more to this list :)

P.S. I may be adding more to the list so keep checking back! 

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