Instead of doing a SSS, today I am going to give you an update on my Eat To Live cleanse. It's been 5 days since I started and so far I feel really great! I've been taking the one serving a day of whole grains very seriously as that's usually one of my biggest pitfalls. I've been eating 1 or 2 pieces of whole grain toast with fruit for a meal (typically breakfast) only if I have to. When I had time in the mornings this week I made an all fruit smoothie but due to a two-day work meeting I was limited to my breakfast selections and had to sub in the toast. Besides that though, I've been sticking to it and I actually do feel a lot better. I've lost a 3 solid pounds, I have significantly less bloating and I don't feel that "food coma" feeling after eating a hefty meal. Even though this it is possible to keep this up for 6 weeks, I think I'm only going to do 3 weeks and then slowly start adding animal products back in... I miss meat way too much. 

Keep checking back for more updates on my Eat To Live cleanse. Until then, I leave you with this amazing video to take you into Friday: 

P.S. Let this song take you into the weekend! It's UNREAL.

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