I just couldn't decide between these two lovely ladies so I decided to choose them both. Congratulations to Christine and Jacqueline! You've seen them both before but they just keep inspiring me through their photos and work.

Christine of seakay_photo takes unreal photos for her instagram photo blog. I never get tired of the breathtaking views and colorful skies. Awesome submissions Christine!

Some of you may remember Jacqueline, who is touring the country as a national representative of her sorority. She's been blogging about her year and it's so interesting! "I went bowling with a young woman who has autism and is a Special Olympian this week in Bowling Green, Kentucky! (Appropriate, right?) This week she helped me work on my foul shout in basketball and totally kicked my butt at bowling! It was great. Not to mention my bowling ball and top matched my bowling shoes!" Thanks for submitting! 

Thanks for reading and check back for an Eat To Live update among other awesome things coming up! 

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