When I first got my ears pierced at age 9 1/2 (that half really mattered at the time okay?) my mother told me I was only allowed to wear studs because otherwise I would rip my ears. Well, now I have an irrational fear of saggy earlobes as well as an affinity for stud earrings. I'll admit, I went through a stage in middle school and high school (okay so maybe more than just a stage...) where I only wore dangley earrings. Now I will occasionally break out a gorgeous pair of chandeliers for a function, but day to day is chiefly studs. Thus, I give you this week's SSS- colorful stud earrings to take us into Spring. 

The Splurge is Morgan Stud Earrings in Teal by Kendra Scott Jewelry. I love Kendra Scott and think that her jewelry is simple yet still gorgeous. These particular earrings are a unique take on the classic stud. They have extra prongs and the shape is more geometric which adds higher visual interest. 

The Save is Kate Spade New York Small Square Stud Earrings. This earring is slightly more square in shape which I love. It's a classic stud from a great retailer and I adore the color. Definitely a must have for Spring!

The Steal is Jessica Simpson Primrose Earrings. Simple and streamlined, these earrings are great to throw on when you need a go-to for when you're running out the door and need something that will match anything. 

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  1. ah yes, middle school. the days of dangly sea-creature earrings and giant hoops. (with you on the studs nowadays though!)