SSS- tan booties

It's the time of the year when I start to get really sick of this weather. I like snow as much as the next person but only when it is a fresh, powdery, winter wonderland and it's around the holidays. Sometimes I can make it all the way through January, but typically once mid-February rolls around, I'm out. 

To lighten my mood and heighten all of your spirits, I have decided to showcase a few options of tan, suede boots for the coming months. Yes, I know, suede is so easily ruined by water. However, if you brush out your booties once in a while, I have found that they actually hold up pretty well against the slush and snow. 

The Splurge is Tory Burch Leena Suede Mid Heel Booties. At $385, they are definitely at the high end of this spectrum, but not bad enough that they are completely out of reach. I love the quality and classic design of Tory Burch apparel, so this was a sweet find. 

The Save is MICHAEL by Michael Kors Silvy Ankle Boot. These are a solid option especially because they have a side zipper which many people prefer and, I'll admit, makes it much easier to slip on and off. Coming in at $130, it's not a bad deal either. 

The Steal is H&M Suede Boots at $48. A fair price for a solid pair of booties. I have a similar pair that I purchased last year and still wear routinely. I have to say mine are beat up but that's only because I have been way too lazy to clean them regularly. If you're like me and don't make time for footwear care, I suggest purchasing these at this low price so that you don't feel guilty when they get dirty. 

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Today is the final day of the kensie giveaway. Make sure you enter if you haven't already as winner's will be announced tomorrow! 

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